YN Jay & Peezy – Dear Rio (Instrumental) (Prod. By Skinny)

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YN Jay & Peezy – Dear Rio (Instrumental)
(Produced By Skinny)


Dear Rio Lyrics by YN Jay
[Intro: YN Jay]
Yo Skinny, you wilyn’ nigg*
I mean, like, I was just tryna figure out, though
Like, is you really?
Like, like, is you, is you, AAAAHH

[Verse 1: YN Jay]
FN’s and AK-47’s
Just got out there, 20 years, he 47
I ain’t even wanted to live the life I live, but it was destined
I just dropped thirty block, damn
I just dropped thirty shots on yo’ block like I was Stephen
Bitch, I’m a hard head, I ain’t never learn my lesson
Bitch got a fat ass but it’s hard, like a biscuit
I wanna go to the fuckin’ Lakers game, I need tickets
I just took a motherfucker off this Earth, you went missin’
I ain’t even wanted to rap but I did, causе I was gifted
[?] I coulda knew some shit that I didn’t know causе’ I ain’t listenin’
I just left the tidy bar, cause I ain’t feel like tidying
Threw the [?] to lil’ bro he goin’ [?]
I’ma dunk on a nigg*, better move out my way, motherfucker
Bitch I shoot like I stay getting buckets
[Verse 2: Peezy]
In Atlanta me and Moneybagg Yo blunt travel
See the light in the veins, they get dark, they change colors
Watch your friends, nigg*s fall off and show they true colors
It ain’t nothin’ but a [?] they are [?] on two-hundred
First class, walkin’ trough the airport with Louis luggage
You ain’t livin’ what you rappin’, why you askin’ for my number?
I can’t swap contacts with nigg*s who ain’t hustlin’
Real shit, I’m a different nigg*
Make no excuses, we wake up and we go get it, we wake up and we get to it
He was hatin’ when it was me, when it was you, I was rude
And I’m for ever blessed, ain’t no looking back, nigg*, never that
Make it hard for me, a hundred years and I will never [?]
This my play watch, Audemars [?] with the [?] strap
Thirty on his melon, they gon’ leave him when they catch [?]
Prices goin’ back, nah, [?] work, I might never [?]

[Outro: Peezy]
Free Rio, pussy (Phew)
Yo Skinny, you wilyn’ nigg*

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