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Black Star – Little Brother (Instrumental)
(Produced By J Dilla)


Little Brother Lyrics by Black Star

‘Now listen’

[Mos Def]
Doin’ this song for you
All my little brothers… out in the street
Strugglin’ to survive… keep your eyes on the prize, you know

[Talib Kweli]
Yeah, the revolution will not be televised
Or broadcast live on the net
My man Mos said it’s personal… knamsayin?
It’s gotta start from right up in here, you know?
[Hook: Mos Def & Talib Kweli]
You can’t stop, you know
You can’t stop, you know
You can’t stop, you know
You can’t stop, you know
You can’t stop when we rep

[Verse 1: Talib Kweli]
We rep the ain’t-gots
Ain’t nobody can’t start no party like us, we crush the faint hearts
From Hallsey to St. Mark’s, walkin’ the main blocks
Painted with blood that’s still hot, so deep it stain socks
The pain sparks frustration, situations lead to hatin’
Some deal with drug distribution, others walk the plantation
Some know the code of the streets, some got a college education
Come down on the weekend, and peep the conversation

[Verse 2: Mos Def]
Yo, on the corner, units stormed out
Ghetto lookin’ bombed out
Police waited to roll for those who walk the wrong route
Shorties goin’ all out, they got they swords drawn out
Ready to brawl out, gettin’ fought ’til they fall out
Black like Morehouse
40 o’z is tossed out for brothers that they mourn ’bout
Get wrecked ’til it’s dawn out
Whether they broke or flossed out, honeys pass they drawers out
Lookin’ for a ticket out the poor-house
It’s a jungle out here, lions keep they claws out, fangs and jaws out
Weak just get forced out
Names is called out, ghetto-fame is sought out
You wanna be the man that they talk ’bout
I walked out, I had some things on my mind to sort out
I thought ’bout the wild circumstance we born out
Remember myself at your age, when I was just like you
If that was now, I don’t know what I would do
My ears is closest to me
So what I say to you is goin’ for me
Son, we both still growin’ indeed
But where you at, I was, and where you been, I left
Utilize my experience to guide your step
Some people get love, but don’t command respect
It’s somethin’ that you can’t ride with a check
Or a Roley or Lex, or icy links that hang from your neck
If it’s real, who need to deal with the special effects?
[Verse 3: Talib Kweli]
Come here, come here, yo
Lemme drop this on ya, look, they got you cornered
The corner of the block is hot, I ain’t gotta warn ya
‘Cause I see you every day, trapped in every way
“Shit, I’m a thug”, and that’s all that I can say
Who are you anyway? Mary J.?
I spend many nights awake, watchin’ you while you sleep
Tryin’ to figure out how to be the example, ’cause talk is cheap
As you walk the streets, study cats on the real
In a convo, just make your point to relax and chill
[Niggas] wanna destroy each other in a cypher instead of build
Be a.. man of will, don’t be.. standin’ still
If you.. don’t plan ahead, then you.. plan to fail
Dudes be.. in a daze when the ways reveal
Like they funny style, but I’m not laughin’
Serious [niggas] makin’ money while the police is passin’
Can’t wait for opportunity to knock, you gotta make it happen
It ain’t about no spectacular ways of rappin’
Just immaculate ways of action, dig?

[Outro: Mos Def]
Little Brother
I know that times is hard
Keep your mind on god
Stay clear of danger and harm and
You’ll get along
I sing my song for little brothers
Out there in the street
Strugglin’ to make ends meet
Gotta hold the heat
Strugglin’ so hard to compete
Stay clear of danger and harm
Do it for y’all
Try to stay strong
Keep movin’ on [x6]
[Shoutin’ out Little Brothers all over the area, simultaneous singin’]