Peezy – 7AM in ATL (Instrumental) (Prod. By Marc Boomin)

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Peezy – 7AM in ATL (Instrumental)
(Produced By Marc Boomin)
(Courtesy of ASTRONAUT808)


7AM in ATL Lyrics by Peezy

(Marc Boomin)
Keep that, Dave

Young rich nigga, in the club throwin’ up the set
Lost family and friends on the road to success
Need a rich bitch, where some hoes with a check?
Lookin’ like a leprechaun, all this gold on my neck
I’m a dog, you a snake, I’m a boss, you a disgrace
Stay the fuck up out my way ’cause we ain’t in the same race
Bad bitch with some taste, can’t get her out my face
She wanna fuck me every day, she know I’m dealing with some cake
Ten on me now while I’m working on this case
I’m working with some dealers, you be working with the state
See you mad at the world, all the fuck you do is hate
Broke niggas telling jokes, all the fuck you do is play
Fall off in the club with some lions and some apes
Pockets filled up with dubs, all day been makin’ plays
They say all a nigga rap about is money and drugs
Fuckin’ hoes, buyin’ cars, throwin’ money in clubs
Niggas scared to get a bag, you’ll run from the plug
Sippin’ out a double cup, bitch, I came out the mud
Clothes smell like crack, hoes say I’m a thug
Real gutter shit for real, wouldn’t change if I could
When it comes to that bag, I do backflips
You ain’t really who you say you is, you a catfish
I can make a bird disappear, that’s a hat trick
I done fell off a hundred times and got back rich, I stack chips
I could point you in the right direction for some work
Get some money, ’cause these hoes don’t respect you if you broke
Quarter brick of soft, had to stretch it on the stove
Louis jacket lookin’ like I’m playin’ checkers on my coat
I’m a young fly nigga, I talk big shit
You ain’t on what I’m on, keep your distance
Hatin’ on me to the hoes, get your bitch hit
Used to give me hard times, now she got me on her wishlist
Boss in the flesh, you just talkin’ to death
All I do is get it here and let my dog do the rest
Nigga say he wanna rob me, all this frost on my neck
Where was y’all when I was riding in the Audi with Nef?
Where was y’all when me and Ray was on Tacoma with Reek?
I ain’t see you on the road when I was down in the V
I was down on my knuckles, bitch, I’m back on my feet
You ain’t been where I been, you just rap like you me
Ain’t no love, heart cold as December
Ain’t gotta leave the city, I get mines out the blender
Bunch of dirty-ass small fries, y’all pretenders
Get a steak dinner, leave alone them chicken tenders
Been knew I was destined to be great from the beginning
Got away with murder on the stove in them trenches
Grew up seeing fiends shootin’ dog out syringes
Made it out the hood, now all a nigga see is ‘Raris and Bentleys
Had to be a dog, you wouldn’t make it where I’m from
You can’t even have shit, they gon’ take it if you soft
Lookin’ for some money, I’ll take you if you lost
Take some food off our plate, we goin’ take you niggas off
I ain’t gotta sign, I’m a legend in the streets
You be payin’ hoes to stay, I’ll pay a bitch to leave
Fuck the rap game, bitch, I made it in the streets
Still good in every hood, can’t no young niggas compete, bitch
Yeah, No Hooks 2, nigga
You know how I’m vibin’, nigga
Rest in peace Soda