CEO Trayle – We So Young (Instrumental) (Prod. By Trauma Tone & Splited)

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CEO Trayle – We So Young (Instrumental)
(Produced By Trauma Tone & Splited)


We So Young Lyrics by CEO Trayle

We was young, but we grown
We was dumb, but we know
Run it up, it’s on the floor
Don’t put your feelings in yo business, shit ain’t personal
Tell him watch his mouth, he start to curse at 4
I said she can’t get no dick, she start to curse at 4
Bitch ain’t never get no double CC purse before
I pull up to the plug house and get my percs and go
They was all scared to rap inside this bitch, I’m first to go
He play with 4 then he the first to go
He not too young to understand cause when that shit all hit the fan, you better take that like a man
Made yo bеd you better lay in that
Stand herе for ’bout 20 minutes, tell him play it back
Now they say they don’t wanna testify
I think I know why
Open my hand, receive my blessing, just fall in from the sky
I was young asking questions, used to wonder why
Draco clap for that comedian, he was a funny guy
It was tears in my eyes, know I cried, cousin died, brother died, other brother died, it’s not 3s its 5s
Gunshots got me traumatized
They watching out for my demise
Shit go off them war cries
He didn’t hesitate to make it clap
I just pray we make it back
Way too real no faking that
Purple dark and yellow bitches in my Laker hat
You up that shit you better shoot it, I might take a strap
Won’t tolerate no disrespect [?]
You see his line is flat
It’s Columbine part 2, they not expecting that
You come in the ‘partments, Iwas in the back
Me and [?]
Ms. Tammy died the hood felt, it she wasn’t coming back
Grandpa died I damn near melted, I wasn’t there for that
Can’t stand for war, I’m ’bout to say go get a chair for that
Folks ‘nem said he was my brother, then he turned his back
Ain’t even no nigga [?] I was doing that
Thanksgiving dinner for my mother, I picked dude over my brother
Free tickets where my sister paid, [?] must think I’m a runner
Big ol’ boss before that money came, there won’t be another
Tried to give that boy the C4 frame, went back to the gutter
You want him to be just like me, you want him to diss me too
My lil’ bitch said she a Pisces, and she wetter than a pool
And they said I wouldn’t be shit because I was failing back in school
They took Anthony, but they didn’t take his chain, so what I do?
Dropped out, got a pack, hit the block, made it back, clocked out, clocked in, I ain’t clocked out yet
Ducks all in a row, swear they think I wrote that
Rap this shit, don’t hold back, kind of like therapy
Ungrateful they using me, but they all scared of me
When I get mad, they blame my anger on my medicine
These Perc 15s ain’t do it, Adderall ain’t do it
I know that this Exstacy ain’t do it, you sure the weed ain’t do it?
We so young, but they don’t understand me
Tried to take something, he dumb, killed him for my family
Bitches say she can’t stand me, told the police unhand me
I put him on the damn tee (4)