Krispylife Kidd & Lil Yachty – Krispy Boat (Instrumental) (Prod. By ENRGY)

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Krispylife Kidd & Lil Yachty – KrispyBoat (Instrumental)
(Produced By ENRGY)


KrispyBoat Lyrics by KrispyLife Kidd

[Intro: KrispyLife Kidd]
Okay, Boat, what we doin’?
KrispyLife (E— E— Enrgy made this one)

[Verse: KrispyLife Kidd & Lil Yachty]
I’ll slide and knock a tree on top of dawg house
I’m out of town sellin’ everything that you could call out
Cousin shot a nigga in the car with me, I put ’em all out
When I go shoppin’, I buy everything, shut the mall down
Nigga pulled his Wock’ out the freezer, had to thaw it out
Wait, that’s a bad sign
Running from the cops, I just passed several stop signs
Nigga said he finna snatch a chain, wait, not mine
I keep trippin’ on these beats, let’s be honest
Told Lil Yachty I’m flyin’ out, I gotta see somethin’
Stick hangin’ out the FN, this bitch look like a cucumber
I ain’t even mean to shoot him, I was just doing somethin’
Bro went to school free, he real good with numbеrs
Eighteen with G-Wagens, I’ve nevеr seen a Hummer
Oh, your brother can rap, but he ain’t make it? Damn, that’s such a bummer
Blue tips in this FN soundin’ like thunder (Boom)
Your grandson be hidin’, I need to tell him somethin’
If he don’t pop out, I’ma start poppin’ cousins
Stomped on a brick and broke my leg, that’s a D. Cousins
You got shrimp, but still want head? Bitch, you disgusting
I’m the best around this bitch, ain’t no discussion
Hit dawg in his head, give him a permanent concussion
White buffs, these lookin’ like I nutted up some butter
Move, bitch, get out my face, you not no su–
He was about to say some shit that he ain’t really mean
I told this bitch I had some red, it was really green
She colorblind
Grinding on this bitch just like I’m Ginuwine
Hold on, mhm
SBAs for all my niggas, no one got a business
When it come to money, on the Mac like online quizzes
Walked in with a brown stick like a Disney wizard
Left out my room, she started screaming, think she found my lizard
I’ll beef and slide for like forty nights
Whip out an AR Drac’ and shoot Kobe twice
I see potential in my hitman, he gon’ be nice
Wet a nigga and scream out, “Somebody get him rice”
Bro just came up 60k off two dice
Cops took down the whole gang off of one mice
I done got so much head, I might have lice
Kidd in the booth said, “What’s that smell?” Shit, it’s my spice
Ayy, Yachty
Call some hoes through, let’s have a party
What you want, a brat or a Barbie?
I don’t know, let’s fly some hoes out from Charlotte
What about them hoes we met earlier at Target?
Wait, why is we whispering? Shit, I could pick it up
Big ass truck on twenty-eights, shit, I’ma lift it up
I just spilled a whole cup of Wock’, I think I could sip it up
My shooter broke, but he kill, I’ma go pick him up
I’m on a boat krispy as hell, no, I don’t wanna say it like that
We never paid him for the pack, why we play him like that?
Touch a hair on Boat head, we ain’t playing ’bout that
Fuck that, nigga dream wrong, then it’s time that he die
Dipped the blue tips in Red Bull, yeah, it’s time that he fly
Yeah, that’s gon’ give him wings
Shot the cook at WingStop, they ran out of wings
This bitch finna fuck the whole gang, I’ma give her beans
We fuck all bad bitches, you fuck nothin’ but fiends
I just spent twenty thousand on nothin’ but jeans
Oh my God, Yachty, you trippin’
I made this bitch suck my dick, she can barely breathe
Had her on her knees for sixty minutes, she could barely leave
I think this nigga got corona, this like his second sneeze