KanKan – Don’t @ Me (Instrumental) (Prod. By Telxry, ​molores, Malvi & Skreer)

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KanKan – Dont @ Me (Instrumental)
(Produced By Telxry, ​molores, Malvi & Skreer)


dont @ me Lyrics by KanKan

[Part I (prod. Telxry)]

Y’all niggas hoes, know way better than to at me
Y’all niggas hoes, lil’ Jay up poles, turn shit to a track meet
Y’all niggas betta know, we really rich, know I’m living cap free
My lil’ nigga throwed, just wanna catch souls, this why I don’t rap beef
My money tall like a mountain so I’m rocking Arc’teryx
My diamonds, they hit with no light, that shit got his bitch staring
Thirty racks, that shit light, just look what my bitch wearing
Yeah, make a M off merch, fuck around, go ‘head buy a McLaren
I swear this money shit be so simple
I point them out then my niggas go get ’em
I’m sliding in fast shit but this ain’t no rental
Addicted to fashion, in Japanese denim
Riding around in the black truck with sticks, niggas riding around presidential
And all of my windows be tinted, yeah, I’m way too militant, riding with a missile
(Way too militant, riding with a missile)
[Part II (prod. Skreer, Malvi, & Molores)]

Ha, nigga, this money all slow, I’m sippin’ fastеr (Slayworld Soldier)
But we gon’ keep that lil’ shit on the floor, I’m rеally just braggin’ (I’m really just rappin’)
We keepin’ that shit on the floor, can’t go to sleep without my pole (Sleep without my pole)
Lil’ bro, he wrappin’ up bowls, my nigga got rich off lows (Got rich off—)
My nigga got rich off PROs, might give the label my soul
I dropped a three in my soda
And I mix Wock’ in the root beer float (Root beer float, ha)
Fuck that ho, I got rich, I gave the young niggas hope (Young niggas hope)
Yeah, fuck it, just brought a new crib
I had the Drac’ in the LV tote (In the LV tote)
Ha, my nigga just called me from jail, I was high on a jet (Yeah, I was high on a jet)
Ha, my nigga going to hell, he just caught him a hat (Just caught him a hat)
Them niggas broke, better pick up a scale and go get off they ass (Broke ass niggas)
You niggas broke than a joke, me and my niggas just laugh (Me and my niggas just laugh, ha)
I’m swanging the whip right through traffic (Uh-huh)
You know we shoot first if it’s static
Ayy, you know the codeine my aesthetic
One in the head, know I’m ready
Yeah, caught one to the face now he done (One to the face now he done)
Fuck it, I guess you weren’t ready (Ha)
I’m off codeine, my eyes heavy (My eyes heavy)
In the top floor, penthouse setting
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Fuck a Swisher
(Slayworld Soldier)
Ayy, in the top floor, penthouse setting
These niggas ain’t even— (Ha)
Nigga, my diamonds Piguet
Ha, double R shit, really rich, ho, know I’m ready
Ha, ha, ha, really rich, ho, I been—