Dougie B & Yagi B – Wreck (Instrumental) (Prod. By Glo Banks)

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Dougie B & Yagi B – Wreck (Instrumental)
(Produced By Glo Banks)


Wreck Lyrics by Dougie B

(Glo made that beat?)

[Verse 1: Yagi B]
He panic on drills, he a do-bad
I spinned  through the block, my opps don’t do that
Let that boy live, why the fuck would I do that?
Ran so fast, ain’t no tellin’ where his shoes at
Head shot gang, tryna aim where his tooth at
Blood to the bone, but the cous’ rock a blue flag
Free Nick B, now Blu, bring the goons back
You talk out yo’ mind, I done seen niggas lose that
On the block, swear to God, I move too tact
New knocks, can’t fit in the fanny
Told Dougie let’s take us a trip
I heard they sellin’ Matthew in Miami (Matthew)
Off the Xanny, you know I’ma trip
Smokin’ the Dummy, he punchin’ like Manny
And I still gotta walk with the stick
‘Cause this .40 too big for a fanny
[Bridge: Dougie B]
Fuckin’ wit’ me, I’ma tweak
Bitch ain’t no missin’, I got a new chop with a beam
Doowop gon’ shoot it for free
You could call me D-Wade, boomin’ the heat more than 3
Who really fuckin’ with me?
They keep telling me “Chill”
Bitch, I’m a V from the P
Walk down gang, dump out the V
He throw up the G
Hol’ on, do that part, punch in, punch in, punch in (Punch in)

[Verse 3: Dougie B]
Bitch-bitch I’m MB, tell ’em “Check it”
SevSide gang, bitch, we makin’ it hectic
Like bitch, is we sexin’? Fuck is you textin’? DTB ‘telly for sessions
Niggas don’t know learn lesson, no we not stressin, big .38 for the weapon
Too deep, 2 chops, wit’ a smoochie
They not outside, older heads get the message
Came home, gang said “We at war”
Bitch you got shot if you fuck with the 4
Told Kay Kay keep rapping, he opening doors
Told bro I don’t make it, I’m uppin’ the score
Clutching, I’m upping, boom like it’s nothing , I just might shoot up the function
Pour a 6, Düsse for the eats
Bitch my lean clean, we not doin’ the Tussion’
And no, I’m not chattin’ and fussin
Talk out yo’ mouth, I tell Moni to dump it
How its beef and you broke niggas buggin’?
You wish we was, we do 20 like nothin’
Like thottie you buggin, no cuffin’
We could do drills, we get low, then we rumpin’
Perky bussin’, need water or something
Smokin’ on Matt, soon catch a concussion
Gang, gang, gang (Grr)
Bow, bow, bow