Big Scarr – Anotha 1 (Instrumental) (Prod. By Xay W. Da Play & Twon)

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Big Scarr – Anotha 1 (Instrumental)
(Produced By Xay W. Da Play & Twon)


Anotha 1 Lyrics by Big Scarr

(Ayy, Twan)
(Zay with the play)
My nigga Twan in this bitch
Been gone for a minute, I’m finna fuck you niggas up though
Niggas ain’t fuckin’ with me
Uh (Woah)

Bitch, I’m goin’ for the win, I do it no pad and no pen (No pad and no pen)
This shit that you got in advance, I walk through the mall with that shit stickin’ out of my pant (That shit stickin’ out of my pant)
You niggas know I’m the man, I damn near look like Scotty, young nigga like gettin’ it back in (Gettin’ it back in)
I been focused on stackin’ up bands and gettin’ rubber bands, no, I don’t give a fuck ’bout no friend (Nah, I don’t give a fuck ’bout no friend)
Don’t give a fuck ’bout a friendship (Nah), just bought a chopper (What?), this bitch came with two clips (This bitch came with two clips)
When I shoot, yeah, I bet this bitch gon’ rip (I bet this bitch gon’ rip), remember them days we trappin’ out two zips (Trappin’ out two zips)
These niggas bitches with loose lips (Phew, phew), no, you not part of the gang, make ’em jump ship (Make ’em jump ship)
Allstar play like I’m Shaq ‘nem, plug just locked me a pack, watch me dump them (Watch me dump them)
If he ain’t shopping, I’m front of him juggin’ for one of his plays right in front of him (Right in front of him)
It’s a M block like an M&M, high as a fuck on the way to them M’s and M’s (On the way to them M’s and M’s)
Don’t play with me ’cause I ain’t one of them (Nah), I don’t give a fuck about rap (Nah), and ’bout none of them (Nah, I ain’t one of them)
This switch get to hittin’, break at the Lamb’, walkdown the style like I’m rocking designer ten (Still with designer ten)
Grim Reaper Gang way above the rim, send his ass life out to death, he ain’t answer me (Call the ambulance)
Boy, you a rat, got your nigga jammed, cleanin’ kit came with the Glock, it’ll never jam (Never jam)
When I’m in the booth, bitch, I’m goin’ HAM, still taxin’ high for these lows like I’m Uncle Sam (Promise, call Uncle Sam)
Only move weight, I don’t do the ‘Gram, want you a seven? Go holler my brodie ‘nem (Go holler my brodie ‘nem)
My lil’ whoadie ‘nem (My whoadie ‘nem)
If you don’t know ’em, you know that we showing ’em (Know that we showing ’em)
FN on my side, that’s my dawg just like Oakland (Just like Oakland)
If I got it, I took it, you know ain’t no ownin’ here (No, ain’t no ownin’ here)
No cap, on God, I’m a young nigga, but ain’t no lil’ boy in here (Ain’t no lil’ boy in here)
Can still buy the bags if you know we extortin’ ’em (Know we extortin’ ’em)
They say they want smoke, so it ain’t no avoidin’ it (These choppers like showing ’em)
Uh, just made a play in the hood, place your order (Place your order)
I’m talkin’ too much, think he got a disorder (Got a disorder)
I ain’t even gotta move, get ’em ships ‘cross the border (Get ’em ships ‘cross the border)
Shots hit his head and his TEC like a quarter (Phew, phew)
Hope you got your vest, it get deep in that water (Deep in that water)
This Wock’ on my cup, I ain’t drinkin’ no water (No)
My hater look mad ’cause I got a lil’ farther (Uh, I make him look farther)
Huh, bitch-ass nigga (Bitch-ass nigga)
Straight like that (No cap)
Made nigga, made nigga wanna be me, this nigga wanna be in this position I’m in (Nigga mad, mad, mad)
Nigga can do this shit every day (Broke, broke, broke)
I ain’t talkin’ your bitch-ass nigga (Yeah, no)
Pop my shit (Silly-ass nigga)
Woah (Woah), let’s go (Woah)
With another one (Another one)
Uh (Woah), with another one (With another one, woah)
Yeah, here we go with another one (With another one, huh)
With another one (Another one)
Woah, here we go with another one (Woah, with another one, huh)
Bitch-ass nigga
Let’s go (Haha)
Havin’ fun with this shit, hahaha