Trench Baby – Dum Dumb (Instrumental) (Prod. By Drip 4L & Trad45)

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Trench Baby – Dum Dumb (Instrumental)
(Produced By Drip 4L & Trad45)


Dum Dumb Lyrics by Trench Baby

On Maxine, just run that bitch, like don’t stop recordin’
Ion care if I mess up, do not stop recordin’
Uh, uh
(Turn me up, Trad)

Whole lotta shooters on my squad Bitch, we look like Curry and ‘nem
Let off steam by killing opps, go across the street and bury them
Ain’t no more 0439, man, we use to carry them
Big Drac’s, Glock, switches, artillery varyin’
Said I quit the cup, but you might still catch me sippin’ drank
Me and man just hit a play and now we laughin’ to the bank, uh
Left-hand Josh, uh, right-hand Drac’, uh
Yo’ man get hotels, baby, come Capolat estates, uh
No, don’t flex, uh, Trench, he a stepper, uh
He got hit with chopper showers, ReRock changŠµ the weather, uh
RŠµachin’ for my chain, haha, he ain’t know no better
Watch how fast this Kriss Vector throw a bullet, Devin Hester
Ayy, hold on, brand new Range, I pull up in that uh-huh, uh-uh
Reachin’ for my chain, that’s an un-uh
And somebody tell Kanye, fuck that album, ain’t no Donda
Talkin ’bout all the G’s in the door, bitch, you a dum’-dum’
Pull up with that, wish a nigga would, I bet he run-run
I prefer them Glocks, but them lil’ Rugers get it done-done
Yo’ lil homie died, you still ain’t slide, you ain’t on none, huh?
Stretch him out, could you please sit out?
Let me tell you about your son-son
Shorty lil’ ass braids, he gon’ spin until he Davy Levy
My lil’ bitch addicted, she like crack back in the 80’s
Ain’t shit free but free the guys so bitch, you gotta pay me, pay me
4-6, 24 learned a lot from Marcus and aunty Tracy
By a show of hands, who got they gang in here?
If I see an opp, his grandma better pray for him, uh
Now his momma like, “Oh, God, my baby”
Now he stuck in Heaven, like Rock, we rock-gray me, nigga