Slum Village – Hustle (Instrumental) (Prod. By J. Ivy, YOUNG RJ, Illa J & Vice)

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Slum Village – Hustle (Instrumental)
(Produced By J. Ivy, YOUNG RJ, Illa J & Vice)


Hustle Lyrics by SLum Village

[Hook: T3]
They say the goal on the earth is just to get it
So I am try til I die til am a sprit
Lord said give it all so am a give it
Til my plans on the earth is implamented
So I
Hustle big
Hustle small
Hustle big
Hustle small
[Verse 1: Young RJ]
Sunlight 2 moonlight 365
The daily operation while the planet revolve
Strive..go against the grain when u grind
Cuz scared money dont make money…… im designed
In the image of the most HIGH/ he assigned me
So i walk the earth with that jewel in my mindpiece
Take my kibbles and bits and pieces of this
Double that stack it up get tha car and the crib
Sittin defaint…my whole alliance on the same science
Fuck around and try us touch/Midas..
We dont talk much
We let our history define us!!


[Verse 2: Vice]
Wake up in the morning thank jah 4 the blessing
Wipe my eyes still yawning get ready 4 2days lesson
Positive thoughts..progression thats the mindset
I got goals and dreams and they ain’t mine yet
Im bangin in the the red zone third and goal
Got my head down comin with my shoulder
Failure is not an option u got one chance
To make the best out of this and ima fuckin dance
U wanna be a star im beyond that
Reachin 4 the galaxies afar where the gods at
Put me in a room where them odds at
Watch me maneuver thru terrain like a bobcat…hustlin
A wise man once told me its a difference between a fantasy and a dream
Whats real and whats phony
A fantasy is that it could never be
A dream can be achieved look at me

[Verse 3: T3]
Get that feta a matter of fact , I never knew i had lack
Till i saw that preacher with that cadailac
I wanted one , I rode with nana ain’t that batch of cookies
How they crumble i guess i got a start from scratch
No seminar to teach me how to win repeatedly
I guess got to show me , what the school didn’t teach me
Hustle getting more get accustom , get your credit score up now you can’t tell’em nothing
But it didn’t start as quick as that , i took a dead end job and lost and figured facts
Figured if I saw the bigger picture and pictured that
I get to where I’m going like a manifestation act
I’ll piggy back off this rap shit
I’ll catapult l I’m gone
I’m well and established in years how i’ve grown
Everyday is still a hustle , and even threw the struggle
We maintain we got to get it now we do it double