Rio Da Yung Og & RMC MIKE – LUCID NIGHTMARE (Instrumental) (Prod. By BAMONDABEAT)

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Rio Da Yung Og & RMC MIKE – LUCID NIGHTMARE (Instrumental)


Lucid Nightmare Lyrics by Rio Da Yung Og

[RMC Mike]
Baby K with the box on it that bitch hold 75
I drop 60 out this bitch watch everybody die
He and Rio taxin’ for the drank want 75 a line
They say “Mike, boy, you lyin’ we want 105”
I’m the type to slide down your block and tell you “Come outside”
Drop a 30 in this Glock .40 and watch it come alive
Left the murder scene and got some head while recording live
Plug said it’s love on the bows since we copped more than 5

[Rio Da Yung OG]
Young dog can’t count to 50 but tote .45’s he really wanna slide but his momma won’t let him come outside
Told E to pour a four with me but hе poured a five
My bitch got 10 friends I fuckеd more than 5
My white be tryna drink lean I made her snort a line
Her brother tried to set me up I shot him 40 times
Producers on my head tryna drop E recording mine
Plus he got a glass pint of red he charged me 45
Unc snort cocaine and drink cold 45’s and I just gave him a 20 stone for a colt .45
I sell some qualitex but the morton mine or have Ock kill you and I put that on 4 karim’s
[RMC Mike]
3200 for these Loui’s look like porcupines
And they came with spikes on the top I paid more for mine
2600 for a pint
[Rio Da Yung OG]
I paid four for mine
[RMC Mike]
Rub this AK with so much grease it look like moisturizer
Drop a 100 on a nigga knock a quarter outta him
Leaning tryna shoot this long K it got my shoulder popping
Bro hit the corner in the vette you hear the motor popping
I got a 3.5 of Cookie I need $40 dollas

[Rio Da Yung OG]
Shoot this .308 at a plane I got the motor locking
Take this .38 to the East and have my cobra pop you
I’m cooking up some bull shit I see the soda locking
Sipping dog food and wasting cocaine on Rolex watches
Pull up at my momma house my lil bro gon’ pop you
I can get a half of … for 14 thousand

[RMC Mike]
Walk down your street with two DE’s Ima Robocop it
Make your car lean three different ways like it’s on hydraulics
Seen my plug made a hunnid thousand off hydroponics
Sold Unc some raw ass shit that made him fight his momma
[Rio Da Yung OG]
I’m finna hit the E-way I told her buy a condom put some dog in here I’m finna stuff this bitch like lasagna
I got a pint waiting on me I gotta find the time
If she ain’t the crib I gotta ride through Shiloh commons
Spent 1100 at the mall you just try your Robins
Finna drop a 100 on the strip I heard Clio poppin
Walking through the dope house in these big bastard balenciaga dad shoes on they cost 50 addies

[RMC Mike]
Kidnap my bitch lil brother now he miss his family
Used to get the pints for 100 damn I miss my granny
Shot a nigga car a hundred times I know he miss his chally
Rest in piece to my big cousin he got killed in Bali
When I was 12 I seen my uncle wrap a brick in plastic
A nigga got tired of selling dope Ima stick to rapping
Me and you not the same I’m a different fabric
Cuz showed me how to hit the pint and reseal the plastic
Dog tried to sell a fake pint he got killed for acting
Opp tried to do a song with me don’t get killed for rapping

[Rio Da Yung OG]
Damn, don’t get killed for flooring
Change my shoes ‘fore I catch a body like I’m going bowling
Bring the Glock 10 in the club and let my nigga hold it
I had to take it back from him cuz my nigga rolling
Baby we don’t drink liquor you know my niggas pouring
Just bought the bar with a credit card that bitch was stolen
Any altercation then my niggas blowing make your white tee look like you dropped a popsicle on it