MadeinTYO & UnoTheActivist – Plug (Instrumental) (Prod. By MexikoDro)

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Madeintyo & UnoTheActivist Ft. KA$HDAMI – Plug (Instrumental)
(Produced By MexikoDro)


Plug Lyrics by MadeinTYO

[Intro: MadeinTYO]
It’s Tokyo, yeah, and I’m boolin’ with the (Plug!)
Ooh, skrrt, uh

[Verse 1: MadeinTYO]
Good gas in my blunt, she got them Yeezys on (Skrrt, skrrt)
Yeah she geekin’, she know all the words to my songs (Sauce)
I told plug send the pack, he know the shit I’m on
I want that fire, want that gas, yeah, I’m all alone (Yeah)
And my new chick, yeah, a model so her legs long (Ooh)
Big gas in the morning, nothing could go wrong
It’s the coupe clean? Yeah, exotic green, yeah
Got a Tesla, I don’t put no gas in it (Skrrt)
And she rock designer, yeah, and all vintage
I drop racks up on my girl and made my money back (Racks)
And yep, I hit it from the back and had her runnin’ back (Ooh)
And if I show you how to make it, can you triple that? (Sauce)
Yeah them niggas lame, ooh, they talk behind your back (Ooh)
The same bitches that they fuckin’ listen to my raps
OG sound, yeah uh, with some underground (Ayy)
Yeah I came up, ooh, ’cause I hold it down (Down)
Like a freak jawn, tell me what you fuckin’ like
Know you see me getting money and I’m on them flights (Skrrt)
Living real good, uh, I don’t need the hype (Uh)
I’m a good looking rapper, I’m your mama type (Type)
And the neighbors started trippin’, thought I was selling drugs (Ooh)
The way I got the pack and linked up with the fucking plug
See, I remember when they capping, they ain’t show no love (No)
And now when they pull up, I hit them with the dub (Skrrt)
Versace robe on, hopping out the tub (Uh-huh)
Your nigga could never, he a scrub (Uh-huh)
They hate on me but I still show love (Uh-huh)
When you on the top, don’t give a fuck (Uh-huh)
[Verse 2: KA$HDAMI]
No Milwaukee but I’m runnin’ up my bucks (Uh-huh)
Man these niggas know I’m not the one
Really might go put a stick out the truck
We got gas, what you want?
My brothers got bags, he busting the juggs
He stealing my swag, but it’s cool though
Bad bitch, tell her pull up to the studio
Call her to telly, we could make a move though
Really might play a nigga like some Yu-Gi-Oh
Really might play a nigga like a game
When I walk in the function, they say my name
I hang with the OGs, they high rank
Ka$hWayz or no Wayz, can’t fuck with the gang
I’ma always show love ’cause I been through pain
Only rock with the day ones, you know I can’t change (Gang)

[Verse 3: UnoTheActivist]
With the same gang I started with
With the same gang, can’t tear us apart
Yeah, that’s my twin, you can’t tell us apart
We’ll kill your man and it’s dearly departed (Pfft, ah)
Damn, smoking a opp
I ran the racks to the tippity top
Can’t serve you ’cause you look like a cop (Cop)
Boy, don’t ask me what’s in my cup (Drank, drank), double cup
Know it’s filled with muddy stuff (Drank), lean, Crush
You know I like my ice crushed, I just fucked his crush
I know that I left him crushed, ooh, that’s tough (Tough)
Ooh, yeah, take every ho in your city, you know that’s us (That’s us, what?)
I gotta shit on you haters and that is a must (That is a must)
I’m having this money for real so I’m calling your bluff (Calling your bluff)
I just be fucking your bitch and you falling in love