Duwap Kaine – Gatecode (Instrumental) (Prod. By Lord Casso)

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Duwap Kaine – Gatecode (Instrumental)
(Produced By Lord Casso)


Gatecode Lyrics by Duwap Kaine

[?], ridin’ dirty
Okay (Okay)

I been flexin’ from the start, I got flexin’ in my heart
I don’t do this shit for nothing, I can’t let my niggas starve
For my niggas I go hard, this pain and shit be leavin’ scars
And that dope took me off to mars and now I’m feelin’ like a star
Ayy, I swear my niggas shoot, if I ever tell ’em to
Supreme on, I’m feelin’ cool, Supreme on, I’m feelin’ bool
My niggas still in that field and they totin’ on the tool
But I be coolin’ at my crib countin’ bankrolls like ooh
Don’t hit my phone who is you?
I bet you this nigga fu’
I be coolin’ up with Scott, we be sippin’ on the glue
Double G on my waist, used to wear that shit to school
On your bitch we run a train, all you heard was-
Yeah, them .30’s what they tote, I remember being broke
Bitches wanna’ be lowkey, but can’t keep it on the low
Don’t talk to me like I’m slow, I know the Wockhardt got me slow
Double cup its full of ice and I just poured me up a four
I just made another check, and it got hella O’s
All my niggas on the go, all my niggas on the road
I got the check and they know, they with me they lay low
Had to drop off a brick, I’ma steal the gate code