Spinabenz – I Don’t Smoke Kendre Pt. 2 (Instrumental) (Prod. By Prince Looks, Hardocc & Aero)

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Spinabenz – I Don’t Smoke Kendre Pt. 2 (Instrumental)
(Prod.uced By PrinceLooks, Hardocc & ProdByAero)


I Don’t Smoke Kendre, Pt. 2 Lyrics by Spinabenz

[Songtext zu „I Don’t Smoke Kendre, Pt. 2“]

So, let’s go the the cemetery (Hahaha), ayy
Nigga can piss on everybody grave except for Kendre’s
If you do, don’t let me see you do it ([?] opp ass, hahaha)
(Ayy, Prince, you goin’ stupid)
Aight, I’m proud, aight (I don’t give a fuck)
I don’t give a fuck ’bout no dead ass nigga (Let’s go)
(Especially not no dead nigga)
[?] Tornado Kidd, ayy
[Verse 1]
Ayy, bust this nigga head, gang, I ain’t gonna look back
Fuck, my Draco broke my fuckin’ MacBook in my bookbag
Slug, Buck, Slug, Buck
Inna [?] tryna throw this niggas shit back
That was back in my younger days, we used to spin around and miss, oh fuck
I went and bought me a dirty choppa and level up
As I recall it came from Meech, same day I got it, niggas got touched
Oh fuck (Fuck), free Max
Fuck with him, I seen some shit that people shouldn’t see yet
But we spin around, double back, double back
Choppa stutter step, Repeat this, bitch, this ain’t no sneak diss
Mitch died, Eight died, bitch, and Teki, ayy
Nine died early, Rod died late, he was sleepy, ayy
I don’t smoke Kendre they think I’m playin’ but yall repeat it, ayy
We not smokin’ Kendre off of Spin’s face
When he tried to spin they bust his ass and hit with Spin’s K
Back up, back up, bitch, choppa got him doin’ the damn shakin’
Mitch rich ass got hit with an FN, that nigga on high maintenance

1,2 Jamarius hit in the damn face, ooh, shit
Who that stinkin’ in the car? Rod K
Trey D died around seven o’clock, that’s probably why they call him Eight
How many hits until they bust Trey D head?
I don’t know shit, probably eight, closed casket
Wait ’til I get the lo’, I’m tryin’ kick the door in y’all trap
I had bust a nigga head, nah, not for real, that’s a tall task
They say Zhacobe Sykes, black and white, somebody dog fed
Uh-uh, couldn’t be none of my niggas, hell nah, we’ll bust off dog head
[Verse 2]
Shoot this nigga in the face, push this nigga’s shit back, gang
Where the fuck the party? Consider it mookie ’cause this bitch crash
Ayy, what the fuck you lookin’ at? Bitch, get your shit splatt
I don’t go to school, I got a Draco in this bookbag
Nine died, ate two seven, equal eight, who tryna get six next?
5 skip to 4 after 3. 35 that’s another dead man
Two shots to his dome, they say the last one came from Spinabenz (Sike)
That might be the shot he died from but he tripped and the last one hit his chin
I’m referencing Call of Duty again
Whop got his choppa, he shootin’ again
I’m referencing Call of Duty again
Won’t stop shootin’ till I know he dead
I’m referencing Tokyo Drift
Keep blastin’, slide in this bitch super fast
I just rolled up an eighth, a 3,5, this shit super gas
Kendre got smoked by the police
So please do me a favor and just smoke Pete
You can smoke Bibby
Smoke Nine or smoke Teki
But I better not catch you smokin’ Kendre or it’s up with me
Ayy, except for my home boys though like
Some of my home boys (they be smokin’)
Ayy, they be smokin’ Kendre, I turn my head
Yeah, I be mad, but I ain’t say nothin’
I be smokin’ they homeboys too, hah, like Mitch ass, ahh
Na-na-na, boo-boo
Goddamn, tryna get you too, hah so many blues on his head
That shit dead funny Mitch