G Herbo – Dinner Time (Instrumental) (Prod. By TheKidMarquis)

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G Herbo – Dinner Time (Instrumental)
(Produced By The Kid Marquis)


Dinner Time Lyrics by G Herbo

I be fresh as fuck
When I hit the scene, everybody know me
40 tucked in my skinny jeans, I’m so fuckin’ lowkey
All hundreds, finna go get some cream, it’s another show week
It’s a show week
Out the seven days, I gotta pick up four of these
Momma told me
“Baby, get you some sleep, gotta turn down move slow please”
I go home, rock my son to sleep, gotta stay awake, get more of these
Nigga you mad cause you ain’t gettin’ no cheese
Whole hood charge you whole fees
Sometimes it’s no one to watch over me
Too broke, can’t get close to me
Seen the opps, said hello to me
Never respect when approachin’ me
And don’t act like you don’t know it’s me
Know that bitch somewhere close to me
And I ain’t got no reason to be on that
You don’t wanna avenge your homie
Even though I really be on that
Beat a nigga up if he want that
You can’t even buy a whole lunch, jack
Better get a clock and punch that
Used to run my hood like a rugrat
We went to war with one gat
Ain’t lyin’, we a go, they come back
All on defense, we a bust back
So they want me whacked
100 shots out the back of the ‘Lac
I spit that shit that you get high to, and make you wanna clap after that
Then drop some shit that make you contemplate on it after the fact
Rap about the shit you livin, nigga what happened to that?
I don’t give a fuck bout the rap game no more
Nigga, I’m after the check
I ain’t with the rap beef, nigga say my name once, I’m after his neck
Reach for 150, I’ma let 50 them bitches come out of this TEC
That’s like 120 without the charms, and I just added baguettes
Run up that check (run up that check)
Ain’t break a sweat
Play with me, that’s Russian Roulette
[?], how’s that?
Already know where he at
Maneski gon do him out back
And you and your niggas is rats
Keep a blunt to my lips like Pat
And I used to be screwed like Pat
Had a little taste from that act’
Late nights we’d ride in the ‘Raq
Mofucka right on my lap
I shared the pint with Cap
Drop a little deuce in my Fanta
I need a four of that back
He like “chill, you scored, that’s mine”
You wasn’t in the hood
You ain’t have them east side stories, young boy that’s mine
Herb you ain’t droppin’ on time
Nigga I changed my mind
Don’t know if I’ma drop more shit ‘fore I drop new shit
Gotta make up my mind
All on the pressure on Herbo, when you droppin’ Swervo?
Nigga gotta take my time
All this fame, attention, got you hypnotized
You done did some shit, now you talkin’ emphasized
I just get that money, it keep me energized
And by any means you violate, get penalized (uh)
Best look me in the eyes (uh)
Want beef, get tenderized (uh)
I see the bitch in your eyes
All that talkin’ get minimized (uh)
Gotta watch the feds, they say we runnin’ an enterprise (what?)
Niggas go rat and go back with they set, you already been advised (uh)
I ain’t got nothin’ to say
Ain’t thinkin’ bout none of you niggas, it’s dinner time (uh)
I been saving that shit like it’s the winter time (time)
Yeah it’s winter time (nigga, the winter time)
Neck on winter time (ice on winter time)
Just kept on sprinting on niggas way past the finish line (uh)