Exclusive: Dramatik Empire – Who Got Heat Vol. 1.5 (Instrumentals)

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The Dramatik Empire teams up with Hipstrumentals.com to bring you the “Dramatik Empire – Who Got Heat Vol. 1.5”.

This tape consists of 28 instrumentals produced by Max Dollas, Twins Prod, Pheem Music Kevin Aiicimlo & more. Please listen & share. And follow @theDRAMATIKz.


  1. Intro (Prod. By Max Dollas)
  2. Hulk (Prod. By Twins Prod)
  3. Full Contact (Prod. By Twins Prod)
  4. All Night (Prod. By Pheem Music)
  5. Superior (Prod. By VeRsGBOS)
  6. Katana (Prod. By BringTheVibe)
  7. Eagle Eyes (Prod. By BringTheVibe)
  8. La Guitara (Prod. By BringTheVibe)
  9. Half N Half (Prod. By Pazij)
  10. Knuckle (Prod. By Pazij)
  11. Going Too Hard (Prod. By Pazij)
  12. Have A Cigar (Prod. By Kevin Aiccimlo)
  13. It’s Only Love (Prod. By Kevin Aiccimlo)
  14. Dance (Prod. By Kevin Aiccimlo)
  15. Brooklyn Heat Pt. 1 (Prod. By Stan Da Man)
  16. Brooklyn Heat Pt. 2 (Prod. By Stan Da Man)
  17. Osha (Prod. By Studio Vee)
  18. Pryme Rib (Prod. By Studio Vee)
  19. Backstage At The Show (Prod. By The Instrumentalist)
  20. 3AM (Prod. By The Instrumentalist)
  21. Breathe (Prod. By The Instrumentalist)
  22. IDDK (Prod. By Dough On The Beat)
  23. Dough Murdered It (Prod. By Dough On The Beat)
  24. Hard Gift (Prod. By Ravenous)
  25. Drama (Prod. By Ravenous)
  26. YesYesMan (Prod. By Ravenous)
  27. More $$$ (Prod. By A. Minor)
  28. Outro (Prod. By A. Minor)